Condos And Pets: Everything You Need to Know About the Combo

As condominiums are becoming extremely popular, more and more people are shifting towards them. Therefore, the number of pets accompanying the owners has also increased. More and more owners and builders understand that rather than restricting pets, encouraging pet ownership and providing pet facilities in the condo may provide a competitive edge.

Some of these builders and owners are giving rooftop pet runs, in-house pet baths with showers, and outside pet playgrounds with artificial tree trunks. However, there are a few things to know if you wish to share your condo with a lovely pet:

Taking Care of the Mess

When taking out your pet for a walk, clean up any mess the pet creates. While being out with your pet, plastic bags come in helpful for picking up the trash. No one likes walking down the street and meeting dog feces, let alone smelling them. The same goes for your bunny’s box or your cat’s waste pan.

Know The Rules

The most important thing to consider right away is to get thoroughly informed about your condo’s pet rules. Some prohibit all pets (except pigeons, tortoises, hedgehogs, and exotic animals); others permit cats but not dogs; some limit the size or breed of dogs.

Some condos permit you to keep a pet but don’t allow you to bring it in the corridors or open areas. Therefore, you should be educated about the condo rules regarding pets to avoid any mishaps.

Avoid any Issues

Some older condos don’t allow any residents to keep pets and have strict rules regarding it. However, the implementation of these rules isn’t that strong, and people have kept pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits. But you can land in trouble if someone finds out that you have pets in your home if a complaint is filed.

You might face legal issues or may be forced to vacate the condo.

Keep Your Pet Exercised

Your pets need exercise and clean air, so check out the paths and playgrounds in your neighborhood, especially those with designated off-leash pet areas.

You’ll find that pet parks are a great location to meet new people, socialize, and connect over the pleasures of pet ownership. If you’ll be away from home for a long while, it’s good to get a dog walker.

Decide Your Pet Wisely

Most of the pets are familiar with open and spacious homes. Keeping them closed in a condo can cause several mental and physical issues. For example, dogs are athletic and muscular pets who need constant exercise, running, and activity to keep their health, while cats are peace-loving pets who love to relax on their couch instead of going out to play or exercise.

If you are looking to move into a condo but can’t abandon your lovely pet, consult Team Martinez to find a suitable condo for you and your pet.


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