Andover is an Essex County town that was settled back in 1642. The population of this area in the 2020 census was 36,529. The total area of Andover is 32.1 square miles, and 3.49% of this area is water. Moreover, this city is located almost 20 miles North of Boston which brings it to an ideal location.

If you are planning to move to Andover, MA, here are the reasons why it will be a wise decision:

The location of this city is ideal for outings to the beaches and landscapes. Still, there is plenty to see and do inside the city area. You can go out to see the museums and theatres and always have a relaxing walk in the green parks of Andover.

Holt Hill, at 420 feet, has the maximum height and awards hikers and climbers with a breathtaking view of Boston from the top. The Harold Parker Loop Trail and the Goldsmith Reservation are two excellent walking and jogging pathways with lake views.

Addison Gallery of American Art, founded in 1931, has a massive collection of over 17,000 pieces from the 18th century till today. It hosts both personal collection pieces and valuable international antiques. Furthermore, don’t miss Addison Gallery’s famous model ship display on the ground floor. This event is available to the public and is free to visit.

Andover’s downtown area is a lively community center where residences can shop, eat, or simply hang out! Andover has several dining options to choose from at all hours and budgets.

Several locally owned clothing stores can be found throughout downtown. These places offer pieces that can’t be found anywhere else! Some even offer one of one garments to add originality and uniqueness to your wardrobe.

Andover has several restaurants that are ideal for a passionate dinner date or a relaxing night out with buddies. Downtown has many charming cafes with unique classic appeal. If you enjoy local beer, stop the local brewery which has a taproom where you can mingle and relax with the locals.

Andover prides itself in its real estate. Multifamily homes, though rare are not impossible to find however the town prides itself in its single-family residences.

Andover is well known for their McMansions and homes feature plenty of yard space and privacy from neighbors. Many new developments are on the way as the town is seeing an increase in demand for housing.