Lowell is a city in Massachusetts located only 27 minutes from central Boston. With an estimated population of 115,554, it is the fifth most populous city in Massachusetts. But, with an area of 37.63 square miles, it accommodates the whole population with ease.

Even though it was founded in 1653, this city rose to fame as an industrial hotspot during the times of US Industrial Revolution. This was home to a wide range of industries, furnaces, and other commercial infrastructures for several years.

This city has excellent industries, low living costs, and a diversified population. However, there is a lot more to discuss in this city.

If you want to know why Lowell is a perfect place to live, then stick with us till the end:

If you are planning to move to Andover, MA, here are the reasons why it will be a wise decision:

We won’t be wrong if we rename Lowell to “City of Festivals.” Lowell residents are often seeking reasons to party. In February, this city enjoys Winterfest and Lowell’s birthday too.

The Lowell Film Festival, which takes place in April, showcases cartoons, feature films, and dramas from across the region. Lowell Women’s Week takes place in March, the Lowell Folk Festival in July, and the Baystate Marathon in October.

Visit the Lowell National Historical Park. You can enjoy a boat, tram, or guided tour to study the glorious past of local industries while seeing several galleries, exhibitions, and fantastic tales. Looking to get in tune with nature? The Lowell Heritage State Park has two miles of mesmerizing shoreline along the Merrimack River, and locals can swim and go boating in the gleaming water.

Holt Hill, at 420 feet, has the maximum height and awards hikers and climbers with a breathtaking view of Boston from the top. The Harold Parker Loop Trail and the Goldsmith Reservation are two excellent walking and jogging pathways with lake views.

Addison Gallery of American Art, founded in 1931, has a massive collection of over 17,000 pieces from the 18th century till today. It hosts both personal collection pieces and valuable international antiques. Furthermore, don’t miss Addison Gallery’s famous model ship display on the ground floor. This event is available to the public and is free to visit.

There is a huge debate on the best restaurants in Lowell because every restaurant here is worthy of the top position. So much variety is seen throughout the vast city- Oriental, Spanish, Italian, Vegetarian- you name it, they’ve got it. Though tough to decide who takes the top spot, there is one thing residences can agree on- the city has it all!

If you’re looking for a house in Lowell, you’ll have some terrific choices generally cheaper than those in other Boston neighborhoods. The average housing price in Lowell is up around 3.3% in 2022 from last year- take advantage of these prices while you still can! Moreover, approximately 60% of the citizens rent their homes or flats rather than owning them making this a perfect hub for your rental properties.