Methuen is 27 miles north of Boston and 26 miles south of Manchester, New Hampshire, in the Merrimack Region, with easy highway connectivity. It’s a big city with a “small county atmosphere” with enough to see and do!

Moreover, the city of Methuen is also rich in history and culture with a diverse raced population. Let us talk about some other things about Methuen:

The Merrimack River, Forest Lake, and the Methuen Rail Trail are all highly refreshing options in Methuen.

In terms of amenities, Methuen is full of excitement and joy. The Methuen memorial music hall is another excellent attraction for those who love theatres. Moreover, the Loop Plaza is a go-to place for those who want everything in one place- with shopping, restaurants, and a movie theatre in the center of it all!

Let’s not forget the Methuen Museum of history, which is a landmark for the history of this city. Furthermore, there are several sports and fitness centers as well as several spas in this area.

The real estate sector of Methuen has a lot to offer. Due to this area’s peaceful and calm atmosphere, more and more people are heading towards it, helping in the growth of the real estate industry.

The variety of homes would make any owner or investor excited. Methuen offers everything from condominiums and single families to multifamily and commercial opportunities. The city is also growing rapidly with new developments near their country club and ultra-luxury homes throughout.